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Kühne Logistics University GmbH

Kühne Logistics University GmbH

Private University for Logistics and Management, Hamburg

The project in a nutshell
Development of the private Kühne Logistics University

Some important details
By 2015 KLU will offer five study programs at the Master and Bachelor levels to 450 students, taught by 20 full-time faculty members. KLU will also host a research center focusing on transportation logistics, maritime logistics, sustainability and IT. Markus Baumanns served as General Manager and Provost for the first phase of KLU’s development.

Karl Gernandt, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the KLU GmbH and Delegate of the Board of Kühne + Nagel International
The establishment of the first private university for logistics and management has been successful in a large part due to the commitment of Dr. Baumanns. We greeted the first students with pride at City Hall – for this we also have the professional dedication of Mr. Baumanns to thank.

Photo: Class 01 in front of KLU

Photo: Official Opening

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