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Baked goods manufacturer, Hanover, 2,500 employees

The project in a nutshell
Supporting the implementation of a new strategy and the resulting change in corporate culture.

A few key details
At the heart of the family business’s new strategy is a concerted effort to tap into international markets and accelerate internal processes. This is underpinned by the transition from a German company to an international group. company companions are assisting the company with the strategic process and resulting cultural shift.

Werner M. Bahlsen, owner and CEO
The realignment gives rise to profound change. With real determination, Messrs. Baumanns and Schumacher soon got to grips with the existing structures to help us determine a new direction for the company. The dedicated work of company companions and their skilled moderation are central to the success of the shift in culture. Both men have shown themselves to be reliable, trustworthy and competent partners at an important time for the more than 120-year-old company. 

-Helge Wieneke- former CFO, Bahlsen LLP about company companions:
(in German)

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