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Hamburger Volkshochschule

Hamburger Volkshochschule

Adult Education Centre, Hamburg

The project in a nutshell
Assisting with strategic planning

A few key details
The Hamburger Volkshochschule is committed to its educational mission (“Democracy Needs Education”) and already offers many people top-class education that’s both innovative and effective. It brings together people of different backgrounds, cultures, age groups and walks of life – all learning together and from each other. In order to continue living up to its goals, the Hamburger Volkshochschule has developed a strategy for the future that focuses particularly on the need to become more outward-looking and modernize the programs on offer. Both of these aims require organizational adjustments and a rethink of the current financial logic.

Our projects
  • Assisting with strategic planning (preparing and implementing the strategy)
  • Developing a concept that facilitates the acquisition of key stakeholders
  • Developing a future-oriented organizational and leadership structure
U. Gsänger, Dr. M. Lohmann, M. Schnoor, senior management team of the Hamburger Volkshochschule (Hamburg Adult Education Center)
Dr. Baumanns, Mr. Litta and Ms. Weiss from company companions provided us with expert support to help us develop a strategy and redesign our organizational and leadership structure. In doing so, they combined four key characteristics: they listened, probed, challenged, and incorporated their own ideas. This was extremely helpful. The collective thinking – in which our executives were also involved – enabled us to develop new perspectives. Certain ways of thinking that seemed set in stone were also successfully overhauled.

Marlene Schnoor- CEO, Hamburger Volkshochschule about company companions:
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