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SVO Holding GmbH | SVO Vertrieb GmbH | Celle-Uelzen Netz GmbH

SVO Holding GmbH | SVO Vertrieb GmbH | Celle-Uelzen Netz GmbH

Regional energy supplier, Celle and Uelzen

The project in a single sentence
Supporting the development and implementation of the company’s forward-looking strategy and embedding the new standards of management and cooperation into the corporate culture

A few important details
The regional distributor SVO Holding (and the subsidiaries of SVO Vertrieb and CUNetz) is faced with a wide range of challenges. Tougher competition and increasing pressure for results in low-growth, cut-throat markets force the company to undergo fundamental changes: greater flexibility in processes, the introduction of new competitive products and the development of a new culture of cooperation are just a few requirements for achieving the ambitious strategic goals set for the coming years.

Our projects

  • Supporting a strategy process with the extended management team in order to determine the future direction (result: future vision, strategic goals and prioritised measures)
  • Organisational support in establishing overarching programme management and maintaining the prioritised measures (project organisation, monitoring project status etc.)
  • Assisting in the introducing of a process-oriented organisation with agile elements
  • Developing a new management culture including elaborating a management model, assessing managers using the management monitoring tool, management forums and targeted, interactive training

With aptitude, intuition, authenticity and industry expertise, the companions – namely Ms Claudia Weiss – succeeded in creating a change in the mindset of managers. We were therefore able to develop a future-oriented strategy and subsequently a coordinated roadmap including prioritised measures. The companions also supported us with great energy and creative ideas in developing and establishing the management model, and in increasing management quality. Moreover, they challenged the organisation with critical questions during the introduction of process orientation, and encouraged us time and again to reflect and improve on our approach.

-Wolfgang Fragge- CEO, SVO Holding about company companions:
(in German)

-Urlich Finke (PhD)- CEO, CUNetz about company companions:
(in German)

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