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Our cooperation in a sentence
Development of corporate strategy, strengthening of executives in their leadership activities

A few details
The RKW Group has adopted a new strategic orientation for the coming years: “Profitable growth through focus and internationalization”. The group strategy has yielded the long-term orientation of its divisions and developed a clear profile of the more than 20 locations worldwide. company companions have introduced the methodical approach for the strategy development processes strategy and have moderated numerous workshops.

In parallel with the strategy development, the issue of leadership has been put on the management agenda with the program “Leadership Excellence”. company companions conceived the Leadership Excellence program, accompanied the development of leadership guidelines, carried out leadership training, introduced a process to evaluate the leadership behavior of individual managers and accompanied the Leadership Excellence roll-out at all RKW locations worldwide.

Harald Biederbick, CEO of the RKW Group
“The implementation of our strategic realignment will entail deep-reaching changes. This change process will be more successful the more executives act largely in their own responsibility, make consistent decisions and keep the entire group in sight. It is my fundamental belief that the better the leadership of our executives, the easier it will be for us to achieve our strategic business objectives. Strategy and leadership go hand in hand, and it is thus fitting that company companions will accompany us in those two areas. We are happy to have found a very competent partner in company companions. The consultants at company companions ask the right questions and have a keen sense of what is feasible in our company. As such, they contribute significantly to our corporate culture change process and have helped us achieve first successes in the implementation of the strategy 2025.”

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