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Ohra Energie

Ohra Energie

The project in a nutshell
Supporting the development of a new strategic direction for Ohra Energie AG following a change of management

Some important details
Ohra Energie is a regional gas and electricity supplier founded in 1990. It supplies a region of approx. 625 km², ranging from Creuzburg in the north, Ruhla in the west, Sonneborn in the east and Luisenthal in the south of Thuringia. At the date of the change of management in 2014, Ohra Energie was strongly positioned with high levels of efficiency. But against the backdrop of energy transition and increasing competitive pressure, the company was faced with the task of revising its strategic direction and setting ambitious strategic goals for the coming years. In addition, concrete measures needed to be defined, allocated and implemented in order to achieve the company’s goals. The company management wanted to integrate managers into this strategic process and thus establish a new management philosophy.

Our projects
Joint development of a future vision for Ohra Energie GmbH, development of strategic goals and spheres of activity, and identification, prioritisation and allocation of measures for achieving company goals.
Company management training in managerial issues.

Michael Fischer, Managing Director
“When implementing the strategy, I didn’t just want to redefine company goals but also develop a joint understanding with respect to strategy and cooperation. Ms Weiss from company companions demonstrated expert knowledge of the energy industry and outstanding methodological expertise, which allowed us to achieve our aims very quickly. In particular, her perseverance in defining a binding action plan has provided us with an everyday tool for pursuing our goals. I can recommend the streamlined strategic process for small companies too. Thanks to her stimulating approach, Ms Weiss was able to direct our focus away from everyday problems towards strategic issues. The management team have been able to get to know and understand each other better.”
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