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The project in a nutshell
Supporting the development of a joint future strategic direction for two network operators

Some important details
Both companies are part of the enviaM Group, owned by RWE, and as regional distribution network operators are responsible for planning, operating and marketing the electricity and gas networks respectively in the eastern region of Germany. These two major network operators came into being in 2013 through the merger of envia Netzservice GmbH (envia NSG) with MITNETZ STROM and the transfer of the MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH (MITGAS) network service division to MITNETZ GAS.

Our projects
  • Supporting integration activities following the merger of the network operators
  • Developing the medium to long-term strategic direction of the major network operators MITNETZ STROM and MITNETZ GAS
Ralf Hiersig, Managing Director
“Ms Weiss provided us with extremely professional support when it came to structuring integration activities following the merger of the network operators. In a follow-up strategic project, we worked with her and Torsten Schumacher to develop a joint future strategic direction for our companies in the eastern region. They proved to be highly skilled facilitators who were able to bring together the different perspectives of our new management team and focus attention on the crucial issues. We were delighted to see that the detailed discussion within the management team and with other employees improved awareness of the joint goals and thus supported the integration process.”
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