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The project in a nutshell
Integration of two companies, strategic development, restructuring, reduction of structural costs

Some important details
The merger of the two companies necessitated a comprehensive organisational restructuring which followed a strategy that company companions jointly developed with the managers of both halves of the company. The project conception phase lasted several months, focusing on persuading managers and employees of the benefits of the change and preparing for the implementation of the strategy. company companions supported project management, detailed concepts for future organisational structures for the central office/logistics site, and the development of required measures at the functional level. In addition, Markus Baumanns assumed operational responsibility for a structural cost-cutting programme linked to the restructuring. company companions jointly developed this programme, which was based on the strategy, with the company managers.

Olaf Schabirosky, Managing Director of Projects and Services
“The merger of the two companies made it necessary to develop a long-term corporate strategy, a project architecture for the conception and implementation of operational and organisational measures arising from this strategy, and a structural cost-cutting programme. company companions supported us with respect to these tasks using a format that placed great emphasis on the co-authorship of all parties involved. In this way, we were able to persuade managers and employees of the benefits of massive changes and to achieve the ambitious goal that we had jointly defined. company companions supported our teams as a sparring partner and constantly called on us to question assumptions and develop new ideas for cost-cutting measures and organisational changes. With their target-focused and assiduous approach, they ensured that individual measures were precisely formulated and transparently monitored. The result is that the implementation of the reorganisation has been carefully prepared and enjoys the full support of our managers and employees.”

-Frank Rausch- former CEO, Hermes about company companions:
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