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The project in a nutshell
Helping one of Germany’s oldest social enterprises to develop and implement a future strategy. Supporting the transition to a new generation. Adapting governance of the foundation to current challenges.

Some important details
As one of Germany’s oldest social enterprises, the Fugger Foundations (the foundation) combine Catholic values with the principle of helping people to help themselves. The foundation primarily supports the Fuggerei housing complex in Augsburg as well as its social projects and social enterprise initiatives. It also sponsors additional activities in the areas of research and cultural heritage conservation. In order to adapt the foundation’s mission, established in 1521, to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s society, the Hohe Familienseniorat (administrative board) and Administration (management board), facilitated by company companions, have developed a strategic vision for 2021 – when the foundation will be celebrating its 500th anniversary. With the support of company companions, the foundation has defined substantive and organisational goals based on the strategic vision and developed a roadmap for implementing the strategy with specific initiatives and measures. Finally, company companions helped the Hohe Familienseniorat with regard to questions about succession and the transition to a new generation.

Maria Elisabeth Gräfin Thun-Fugger, Chair of the Hohe Familienseniorat:
“In order to organise the foundation’s work more efficiently, we held several seminars in conjunction with the Association of German Foundations, which were led by Dr Baumanns. He proved to be an extremely valuable guide who provided us with professional advice on the development of the foundation. The discussion of substantive issues benefited enormously from his helpful suggestions and profound expertise in the worlds of business and international foundations. Particularly with regard to thorny issues, he struck the perfect balance between a light touch and active suggestions. Dr Baumanns made a significant contribution towards finally resolving issues that had been hanging over us for a long time. His skill as a facilitator and ability to structure difficult decisions were especially remarkable. In this way, he ensured our discussions were conducted in an atmosphere of openness and clarity, leading to constructive solutions. I’m delighted that our strategy is clearly going in the right direction.”
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