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Brüning Group

Brüning Group

Trade in energy supplying bulk commodities, Fischerhude, 120 employees

The collaboration in a single sentence

Supporting the development and implementation of the strategic direction as well as in management issues

A few important details
During the unbridled growth of the Brüning Group, the company defined its middle-term and long-term direction. company companions designed this process and supported execution. company companions now supports the Brüning Group in developing a common understanding of management and strengthening the management practice of managers.

Arnd Brüning, Managing Director
“Our aim is to constantly develop the company and our employees further. We realise that we need exceptional, external support to achieve this. company companions is a perfect match for our company. They understand our philosophy and our constructive partnership results in the incredibly efficient implementation of our goals. Our work together is distinguished by professionality and a positive experience!”

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