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Augsburger Aktienbank

Augsburger Aktienbank

Financial Services, Augsburg, 350 employees

The collaboration in a single sentence

Support in management aspects and in the integration of Netbank acquired in 2015
A few important details
Augsburger Aktienbank AG, one of the largest securities banks in Bavaria, acquired Europe’s first purely Internet-based bank in 2015: Netbank AG. Over the course of integration, two different corporate cultures had to be combined. company companions continues to support the company in creating a common understanding of the role of management, strengthening the management practice of managers and enhancing overall cooperation.

Lothar Behrens, Spokesperson for the Management Board
“Combining the different corporate cultures was, and remains, the most important factor of success for the integration. Developing a common goal, elaborating binding management principles and establishing a coherent understanding of management represent key requirements for bringing together ‘the best of both worlds’ for our clients. Dr Schumacher provided great help to us in clearing reservations, resolving conflicts early and boosting overall communication.”

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