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Hermes Einrichtungs Service

Hermes Einrichtungs Service

The project in a nutshell
Development of the strategy 2020 for „Two-Man Handling by Hermes”

A few key details
The „Two-Man Handling by Hermes“ has more than 50 years of experience in the end-to-end delivery of furniture, electronic equipment and large-appliance merchandise. As the market leader in two-man handling, Hermes’ 54 depots deliver 5 million shipments to end customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and in the Netherlands. To develop a new strategy for an already successful company was an interesting challenge and a great assignment.

Carsten Meinders & Michael Dildey (CEOs HES)
“We were able to achieve fundamental results thanks to the excellent support of Mrs. Claudia Weiss and Ms. Christina Bidmon throughout every workshop (development of a vision, definition of the fields of action, adoption of new measures). The assistance with the preparation of presentation material and with the preparation of the shareholder and advisory board meetings contributes to the general feeling of perfect team work – on this note, thank you again to all involved! We are looking forward to further collaboration on the monitoring of the adopted measures as well as the yearly review meetings and we are certain that the “Two-Man Handling by Hermes” has found the perfect sparring partner with the company companions for the coming years.”

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